Choosing the Right Direct Mail Product For Your Hospital’s Advertising Campaign

Direct mail campaigns have been used successfully by hospitals and other medical facilities for many years. The fact that hundreds and thousands of potential patients and customers can be reached for just pennies per household makes it easy on your advertising budget. Compare your Return On Investment for direct mail and alternative advertising vehicles and you will be pleasantly surprised.

It takes thousands of dollars a month for a radio ad campaign. Television ads are even more cost prohibitive. The print media is losing readers daily, so I wouldn’t recommend spending part of your budget on a decreasingly effective type of advertising campaign. It just makes sense to stick with a tried and true method, doesn’t it?

Something New Has Been Added

Historically, direct mail products were paper advertisements like postcards or flyers. As effective as they were, a percentage of them weren’t read. Some people saw them as “just another piece of junk mail” and tossed them into the trash. With the advent of a relatively new innovation in direct mail products, that percentage has been pared down to a minimum. More people than ever will read your hospital’s advertisement with these new magnetic postcard direct mail products.

Why The Magnetic Mailers Work So Well

As mentioned above, recipients often considered old paper mailers to be mere junk. These new mailers have a quality refrigerator style magnet attached, which is easily peeled off. Seeing a magnet attached intrigues the person. They peel it off out of curiosity, if nothing else. Now they have in their hand something that has value instead of just a piece of cardboard or paper. No one likes throwing away something that has value, and a refrigerator magnet is so easily stuck on the fridge, so they give it a fling and the magnet is fastened to the door.


Now your advertisement is in a prominent spot in the home or workplace. The idea behind any advertising campaign is to get the attention of as many folks as possible. A magnetic product like this does just that. Everyone in the home, at the shop, in the office or at the store will see it on a regular basis. Advertising magnets are not “in you face” like radio and TV ads, which play over and over until you are sick of them. Magnets are much more passive, but studies indicate that the subtle exposures are still very effective. When someone needs medical treatment or services, they will recall your magnetic advertisement and call you.

Why Magnets Work For Advertising

A lot of companies use some form of paper advertisements to get their company information to potential customers. Whether it’s through the mail, in person, or left on the door, the truth is that the majority of these papers get thrown away. What’s the solution to this? Give them an advertising magnet that they won’t be able to bring themselves to throw away.

When a person finds an advertising magnet in the mail, they’re less likely to throw it away because not only does it have your information on it, but it also serves a practical purpose. Sometimes you need to hang something on the fridge, and a magnet really comes in handy. Even if they don’t need a magnet at the moment, people are fascinated by magnets. A child, or even an adult, could stick it to the refrigerator just for fun. Once it’s there, it’s likely to stay.

Giving people a nice, laminated, magnetic piece of paper makes it much harder to throw away. A thin piece of paper with print on it is thrown away without a thought, because it already looks like garbage, but people have a harder time throwing away something that looks nice. The second’s hesitation can turn into the magnet lingering around for a long time to come.

Not only are magnets less likely to be thrown away, but when they’re not thrown away, they get put on display, usually on a refrigerator. That’s like having your own billboard advertising for you in your customers’ kitchens.

Advertising Magnets

Advertising magnets are widely used in the field of magnetic screen printing and to produce printed magnetic products. It is a combination of magnet and printing paper. Due to their unique property of paper coating, it supports digital printing and most significantly sticks to any metallic surface. It can be easily cut, pierced or bonded. They are light-weight. It is an effective advertising tool customizing different styles such as business cards, car signs, and picture frames etc.

They are available in square, oval, octahedral and hexagonal shapes. For generating extra-free and unlimited area for printing, these magnets are manufactured most often in square and rectangular shapes. In addition, this offers more magnetic space for retaining power since forged magnets lessen the printing area. Besides, it allows edge printing avoiding wastage of area. They are also available in flat stock shapes like the shape of house, computer, phone, etc.

Advertising magnets find applications in indoor and outdoor printing. These flexible magnets allow direct printing and thus consume time. Like the normal printing papers, magnetic printing also imparts splendid and vivid colors and desirable designs and graphics to demonstrate signal boards, message plates, visual aids in teaching, photos, images etc. Most of them are supported with UV gloss lamination or high gloss vinyl that secures regular usage.

They produce perfect print-outs with inkjet printers; desktop printers and plotters except for business cards as they tend to separate and thus damage it. They are available in various thicknesses that can be cut into sheets or rolls.

Advertising “Ceramic Magnets” are developed according to the specification of customers. These strong and compressed magnets are enclosed in polystyrene coat. They are comparatively efficient in holding large volumes of paper simultaneously. These heavy duty advertising magnets also scores in that, printing is enhanced with water-soluble pointer on the magnetic tiles that is capable of being erased with wet cloth. They are available in different range of colors and are long-lasting.