Using Pizza Magnets to Increase Repeat Sales

Pizza magnets are now a popular and a commonly used item for repeat sales in many pizza restaurants offering take out services. Not just any old magnet will do the job though; you need to make sure your pizza magnet is perfect for your business in order to get the most out of this handy little advertising gem. Here are some top tips to ensuring your pizza magnets are doing the best job possible in retaining customers.

1. Make sure all orders come with a fridge magnet. It doesn’t matter if the customer has one already, they can give it to a friend, family member or stick on the office fridge. If every single order has a fridge magnet to compliment it, customers will feel special and valued because they are getting a neat little freebie with their meal. It will also mean that next time they want pizza they will think about your business and the fridge magnet with your number on.

2. Make sure you magnet accurately reflects your business. It’s no good having an ice cream shaped magnet for a pizza restaurant or a fish shaped magnet for a steak house. Make sure your magnet tells customer exactly what it is your business can provide without going into the lengthy detail of a menu. For pizza restaurants that means getting a magnet that is shaped like a pizza or pizza slice, or possibly even an Italian flag or other popular dish. Whatever your main seller is, turn it into a fridge magnet.
3. Keep it simple. Your magnet shape should tell the customer what it is you do so don’t try to cram lots of information onto your fridge magnet. Give the customer three things on your magnet: 1 – What you do, by using a magnet that is shaped into your top food seller. 2 – Why they should get it from you by adding “Free Delivery” or “10% off pizza” as an incentive. 3 – How to get what they want by adding your business telephone number in large clear numbers. This will cover everything you need your fridge magnet to say in 2-3 words and a telephone number. All this will tell the customer what food you do, how they can get it, why they should get it and on top of this keep it simple, fast and convenient.

4. Order your pizza magnets in bulk. This will save you time, effort and money and also ensure that customers always get a pizza magnet with their order or when they request one. You can also deliver pizza magnets to nearby offices and commercial buildings to maximise your potential customer exposure. Ordering in bulk will mean you save money on your order and shipping costs as well as make sure you never go empty handed. This will also mean you will have plenty of fridge magnets to go around so that every single one of your customers both takeout and eat in can get a pizza magnet and be more likely to contact you again for future orders.

Car Magnet Stickers Are the Best Way to Promote Your Business

No business will survive competitive markets without unique marketing schemes. If you want your business or brand name to stand out from the rest of like businesses struggling to make it in the market, it is best to think up new and unique ways to promote your name to your target consumers. One of the best ways to reach out to your audience is by designing car stickers that your delivery trucks, errand cars, and the business vehicles can take with them wherever they go. Your business vehicles can instantly turn into moving billboards with the right kind of magnetic car ads, putting your brand name, products, and services in front of your potential consumers, in the most unexpected situations.

If your traditional marketing and advertising schemes are simply not getting you the consumer attention you want and need for your business, it may be high time to use more clever and unique ways to attract their attention and keep them wanting more. Car signs are very effective tools to be get in to notice, and they are much cheaper to produce than other forms of marketing tools. If you don’t have enough budgets to place the TV ads or have your local radio broadcast your offerings, car signage are a good place to start with, as they can target your audience in the local setting and make your name ubiquitous, especially when you do lots of deliveries within the day. Even your parked truck will catch a consumer’s attention when equipped with eye-catching car magnets.

Car stickers are relatively cheap and easy to produce. Look for the online retailers and manufacturers and you will get plenty of options to have your car signs made. Choose only an established company that has worked with various businesses and satisfied clients in the past. Stay away from companies that use second-rate materials and choose ones that use automotive-grade vinyl to produce long-lasting car sticker that won’t damage your car after use.

Another advantage of car magnets for business promotion is that they can be applied on most any vehicle, whether you need an elaborate graphic for your delivery truck or a simple logo or symbol for your car to represent your business. These promotional tools are highly customizable, which means you can have all the creative freedom you want in designing the advertisement which you want to get displayed on your vehicle.

Vehicle Advertising, Is It For You?

Fact: there are 253 million cars and trucks on the roads in the U.S. If say at any point about a quarter of those cars are on the road, that means 63,250,000 are on the road, divide by 50 states that’s 126,500 cars on the road at any given time in each state. Obviously these numbers differ and places like New York surely have more cars that the middle of Wyoming, but the point is no matter where you are, there are going to be others around you in their vehicles.

There are millions of small businesses and large ones at that popping up in the U.S. every year. With all this competition, don’t you think it’s time to consider a new method of advertising to get your company noticed? This is where all those random car facts come in, it’s time to consider vehicle advertising!

Think about the exposure billboards get every day. If you get the right location you can reach thousands of people in a matter of hours! Now imagine if that billboard was moving, driving around through town reaching all the more people. Is that the type of advertising you’d want for your business? If so, you should really look into vehicle advertising, and I’ll cover some of the most popular options to help you make the best decision.


I’m sure you’ve noticed those cars with crazy graphics and their brand name written all over them. These are called wraps and are typically large vinyl sheets with graphics printed that cover a large portion if not all of the vehicle to turn it into a literal moving billboard. This is the most expensive option and requires special knowledge of how to place them so as not to distort the image on the many faceted surface of your vehicle. Most people are concerned with the removal of these, but if done correctly with the right product, they will leave your paint job unharmed and can actually help to preserve it.

Vehicle Lettering and Graphics:

The first example of this I always think of is your local landscaper. Chances are they have a generic white truck and have placed vehicle lettering on it so that customers are aware of who they are when they show up to your house. Like wraps, vehicle lettering is make out of a durable, weather proof vinyl which is placed on the vehicle. Unlike wraps, these graphics are typically only letters and small logos or images that are cut out of the vinyl so that they do not cover large portions of the vehicle. Prices on lettering depend on how much of the vehicle you’re covering and the number of colors. Most printers will cost by the foot or line.


If you’re thinking that sticking a giant sticker on your car isn’t for you, magnets is probably your best option. These are great for realtors or others who may use their personal vehicle as a company car. Vehicle magnets can come in different shapes and sizes and are essentially an oversized business card that you place on the side of your car. The benefit of magnets is that they can easily be removed and reused so long as they are properly cared for. I would not recommend taking them on and off on a daily basis as this could wear down the magnet quickly. Storage is also very important in that you should always keep it flat so it lays properly, most stick it on their fridge or filing cabinets. You also need to be sure that you clean the area the magnet will be sticking to before you place it on. A dirty car can result in a lost magnet if it falls off going down the road.

No matter which option you choose, vehicle advertising is a great way to get your business noticed!

Refrigerator Magnets and Magnetic Business Cards

For many years, businesses and individuals have been using refrigerator magnets for advertising their services. Today, fridge magnets advertising has become extremely popular, and people are looking for new and unique designs over the traditional boring magnet, which only offers only some basic information. Nowadays consumers need eye-catchy marketing pieces that are also functional. Mentioned in this article are few exciting ways to use refrigerator magnets for better marketing purposes.

1. Replace the Paper Business Card:

Many business cards end up in the trash or get lost in a drawer. However, that is not the case with the current trend of “going magnetic”. Business card magnets are less likely to be thrown away. Anyone can use magnets; you can hang up your child’s artwork, school notes, pictures or even report cards on the refrigerator. Some magnet designs have useful or emergency phone numbers printed on, just to make you keep them.

2. Go With Exciting Sizes

If your magnets are traditional, like the business card size magnet – rethink your design. Eye-catching magnets have a better chance of being displayed and kept. For example, a postcard size magnet or a magnet twice the size of a business card has more “survival” chances than a regular business card magnet. Business card size magnets with rounded corner are always preferred as they stand out, but are child safe as well.

3. Make it Useful

Make sure that the refrigerator magnet is useful to your customers. Design it as a useful tool, a little more than just holding papers on a fridge door. Designing it as a notepad, a calendar, important phone numbers in your area (only if you distribute your magnets locally) or emergency contact info sheet will help in your customer’s decision, to keep or toss it.

4. Avoid being Gimmicky

When professional magnets are being designed, avoid using overly technical or business related content. Smart consumers like simple magnets with a stylish look that provide basic information about the company or the services offered. Try keeping it short and simple!

5. Turn the Magnet into a Coupon

A seasoned businessman would definitely know his ways of attracting customers to a new product. You can use magnets as part of an economical advertising campaign. Use fridge magnets to offer special coupons or discounted rates. This way it would do its advertising job, would be brought back to you and then could be reused, providing that no limitations or expiration dates are linked to the offer.

Mentioned above are just a few simple suggestions on how to use the traditional old magnet in a modern way. You can implement other various innovative methods and fetch maximum benefits from this marketing tool.

Magnets work wonders; and different ways to use them should be tried. See some of the options we offer at